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North East Pianos Tuning and Repair Services

The inside of an upright piano
Tony McGregor Hon.Dip. P.F.T.T.

For over 25 years North East Piano Tuning and Repair Services has served the musical public of North East England.

North East Piano Tuning and Repair Services offer a regular tuning service to all customers and emergency repairs if needed.

We plan appointments to meet our customer's requirements. We will work when access to your piano is available.

If you are looking for a piano we may be able to advise you of good models for sale and can always offer an independent professional opinion about the condition of an instrument.

Proprietor North East Pianos

Tony McGregor

Honours Diploma Royal National College for the Blind

Period keyboard instruments repair services

Period keyboard instrument

Tony was traditionally trained to tune and repair harpsichords, clavichords, spinets and other period keyboard instruments.


Setting the pins and regulating the actions of valuable period instruments and modern reproductions is a specialised skill that is taught in very few places.

If the instrument requires a full workshop restoration I will dismantle and check the instrument before sending to a specialist.  


On the instruments return I will tune and regulate any mechanism that was disturbed in transit.

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Where we work

North East Piano Tuning and Repair Services is based in Sunderland from where we offer a fast and reliable service to North East England including Newcastle, Northumberland, County Durham, Teeside and North Yorkshire.

Jane and Clare Haswell - Newcastle

Tony McGregor was recommended to us over two years ago as our Kawai piano was in need of a major tuning.  It had not been tuned for over three years and Tony gave it special attention.  Tony now contacts us to organise the tuning and care of the piano.  Tony is a highly skilled professional who provides a customer orientated, friendly and efficient service.

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